MC-OCR Challenge

01. Task Description

The challenge includes two tasks: Receipt Image Quality Evaluation and Key Information Extraction.

Task 1: Receipt Image Quality Assessment (IQA)

Receipt image quality is measured by the ratio of text lines associated with the “clear” label evaluated by human annotators. The quality ranges from 0 to 1 in which, score of 1 means the highest quality and score of 0 means the lowest quality.

Task 2: Key Information Extraction (KIE)

At maximum, a receipt image is associated with 4 text lines annotated by human annotators. With different receipt's formats, the number of text lines might be different as some receipts do not contain all fields. For instance, the SELLER_ADDRESS might not exist in the receipt or simply, because the line is not readable.

Note that detected fields (text lines) are ordered by SELLER, SELLER_ADDRESS, TIMESTAMP, TOTAL_COST. If a field is missing, it is set empty in the output text. For example, if SELLER_ADDRESS is missing, the output will be:

SCTC CÔ THÓ 104 TRẦN PHÚ – CẨM||||||Ngày 09/08/2020 (7:44 CH 7:44CH)|||Tổng thanh toán 115.000đ

Challenging to detect image quality
Challenging to recognize texts

02. Technical System Papers

We strongly encourage all the participated teams to submit a paper on system description. The paper will be reviewed through a single-blind review process. The accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of RIVF2021, and the authors will be invited to present the paper at the RIVF2021 conference.

Brief Information of IEEE-RIVF Conference: Started in 2003, RIVF (Research, Innovation and Vision for the Future) has become a major scientific event for researchers in the field of Computing and Communication Technologies, not only in Vietnam but also worldwide. In the past, the conference series was annual. Since the 9th conference in 2012, RIVF has been held approximately every 18 months, alternating between the northern and southern part of Vietnam. Historically, it was at RIVF 2007 that the IEEE Vietnam Section was formed, and since then RIVF has become an IEEE conference. Proceedings of RIVF 2006 – 2018 are available at indexed by SCOPUS and ISI Web of Science. See more at

03. Prizes

Top 3 qualified teams are awarded following prizes with certificates:

  • First prize: 5,000,000 VND

  • Second prize: 2,500,000 VND

  • Third prize: 1,000,000 VND

In addition, we also have an award of 500,000 VND and the certificate for the best technical system paper.

The awards and prizes are sponsored by DopikAI Technology Company.